Traditional products

Olive Oil

Here you can find our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We are producing olive oil since 1950.Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an intense fruity taste and grand flavour for the devotee of the organic product, selected from the finest olive grove regions. It produced from our Olive trees, in our Olive fields, located in Ancient Corinth, mostly of variety of Koronaiki and Manaki. Our ORGANIC olive oil can satisfy even the most demanding palate. Every precious drop of this olive oil is the gift of the Mediterranean diet.



Also we can provide you with our organic Honey. Our love, for nature and bees, is the reason for the excellent quality honey we offer to you. Our apiaries are placed locally around Ancient Corinth, and this is the reason that we specialized at Thyme, Flower honey. We are also producing and other varieties of honey depending on the season.